Eltek S.p.A. has been founded in 1979 by Luigi Sassone, formerly manager of major international corporate groups.


In 1995, pursuing the goal of vertical integration of production process, Eltek S.p.A. has acquired the majority shares of a company manufacturing moulds and injecting plastic moulding, formerly Eltek Plast SpA, based in Hone, Aosta Valley(Italy).


In 2001, in response to trends of target markets, Eltek SpA- Holding company - has realized the Brazil project, participating in the constitution of Eltek Brasil Ltda, in the state of Sao Paulo.


In 2004, the process of internationalization has continued, with the establishment of Eltek Poland S.p.zo.o, a company based in Bielsko Biala (Poland), specializing in automotive and appliance components.


The year 2005 has marked an important milestone for the company:  Eltek Plast S.p.A. is incorporated in Eltek S.p.A.

The Group, now, may be considered as such also in terms of its corporate structure.


The growth continues: in 2006 is founded Eltek Electromechanical Products Co. Ltd, based in Yantai (China), site for the production of components for the automotive and appliance fields.


The Swiss company Metallux becomes part of the Group in 2006; its core business consists of pressure sensors for high performance, thanks to organization and product synergies of Eltek. This has allowed achieving the planned growth in part with electronic components designed for Eltek automotive, and in part with the increase in production capacity, needed to satisfy existing customers.


Later on, in order to better serve the American market, has been established Eltek USA, the commercial division that is part of the Eltek Group.


2012 is the year of Eltek Germany, second foreign commercial office of the Group, based in Germany.


Alongside with the development of historic areas of the Group, appliance and automotive, Eltek presents a new project of industry and technology evolution.

For structuring and deal with this plan, two divisions have been created in addition to existing ones: bio & nano technologies and medical division.


The first has a mission that spans across all sectors of the Group.

The medical division has a specific mission on the target market and is structured the same way as the automotive and appliance units & business development unit.


Currently, the Group has a workforce of over 1000 employees, 6 production plants (Casale Monferrato, Hone, Mendrisio, Jundaì, Bielsko Biala, Yantai) and two sales offices (in New Jersey and Germany).