Part name: Flow control valve
Mixing valve is a water valve tipically used in a washing machine to load the water with a specific temperature. It can be used in any other application where hot and cold water have to be mixed. The valve is connected to both the hot and the cold water net. So it can mix the hot and cold water by the two coils and reach the needed temperature. The mixing ratio can be fixed (based on two different passages dimensions) or variable (based on the reading of an optional temperature sensor).
General characteristics:
  • ¾-threaded male connection in the inlet (GH thread for US market).
  • Barbed connection for rubber hoses in the outlet.
  • Custom snap-in connection available in the outlet.
  • Sensor on the outlet (optional) for temperature feedback.
  • 110 Vac, 220 Vac or 24 Vac-dc coils.
  • A flowmeter can be connected on the outlet as an optional.
  • Suitable materials for the US market.
  • According to UL429 and EN60335 requirements.
Technical data:
Ambient temperature 2 °C ÷ 60 °C (36°F÷140°F)
Temperatura of fluid 2 °C ÷ 90 °C (36°F÷194°F)
Operating pressure 0.02 ÷ 1 MPa (0.2÷ 10 bar)
Flow Variable depending of the valve version
Resistance to bursting > 6 MPa ( > 60 bar ) a 25°C
Life 50.000 cycles (at 10bar 85°C 3sec ON-3sec OFF)