Part name: Engine Crankshaft Hall Sensor
Hall sensors contain a semiconductor and driver ICs for signal processing, and a permanent magnet. These components are later inserted into appropriate plastic housings suitable for specific applications. Hall effect sensors are rotational speed sensors and are used for measuring the rotation speed and phase angles, and allow a signal digital output.
General characteristics:
  • Automotive Designed
  • Measurement of number of revolutions interfaced to a phonic metal wheel
  • 2-way connector specific for this application
Technical data:
Temperature range -40°C ÷ +120°C
Nominal Operating Voltage 4V ÷ 18V
Supply voltage range 4,75V ÷ 5,25V
Nominal output voltage 5V ON / 0V OFF
Supply current 20 mA MAX
Max wheel rotation 7000 RPM
Radial Air Gap 0,65 mm ÷ 1,15 mm