Part name: Flow Meter
Flowmeters are devices to be connected to water pipes and capable of measuring, through the rotation of an impeller, the flow rate of water flowing through the pipes. The principle of operation is based on an interaction between a magnet fitted on the impeller and a Hall effect sensor mounted on the housing of the flowmeter. Two main families are available: axial flow meter 10.0453.xx; radial flowmeter (paddle wheel) 10.0884.xx. Axial flowmeters can be produced as stand-alone version or integrated on water solenoid valve. Radial flowmeters can be produced as stand-alone version. Custom hydraulic onnections are available for water heaters applications.
General characteristics:
  • Glass filled PA material
  • Food grade (WRAS)
  • Custom hydraulic connections
  • Card-edge electric connection (rast 2.5) or cable
  • Customizable signal by different number of magnets
  • Axial module can be integrated on valve bodies or customer sub assemblies
  • Radial module can be integrated on customer sub assemblies
Technical data:
Fluid measured potable water
Temperature Range of the fluid 2° C ÷ 70° C
Sensor voltage from 3,8 to 24 VDC
Input current 2,3÷4,2 mA
Output current 0÷20 mA
Operating pressure 0.02 MPa ÷ 1 MPa (0.2 ÷ 10 bar)
Operating flow rates from 2 to 12 l/min
Typical signal with 1 magnet approx. 190 impulses / litre (detailed curve on specific p.n. drawing)
Typical signal with 2 magnets approx. 390 impulses / litre (detailed curve on specific p.n. drawing)
Repeatability of the measurement ± 3%.
Reading accuracy of the whole population ± 8% on the flow-rate range
Life time 500.000 litre cold water or 300.000 litre hot water