Part number: 100418
Part name: Detergent and rinse-aid dispenser
The dispenser is a device which releases the detergent and rinse aid in the dishwasher. The operation concerning dispensing of the detergent and the rinse aid is based on a system of levers operated by a single thermoactuator. When the thermoactuator is energized the first time, it pushes the control lever which rotates the latch of the detergent lid and opens it. When energized the second time, the thermoactuator pushes again on the control lever, lifts the valve and opens the outlet for the rinse aid. The system automatically resets itself when the lid is closed. Types of detergent that can be used are those available on the market: liquid, powder and in tablets form. The lid gasket guarantees that the detergent is not washed out during the pre-wash cycle. The dispenser is equipped with rinse aid reserve level sensors: optical level glass and electromagnetic (optional). The adjustment to dispense rinse aid can be manual or automatic and the rinse aid filling hole can be closed by a cap or by a lid.
General characteristics:
  • silent
  • no electromagnetic disturbances
  • low energy consumption
  • large operating force
  • operates 110/240 V
Technical data:
Power supply time 30/60 sec
Max ambient temperature 70°C
Voltage 12-24 V a.c./d.c.; 110-240 V a.c.
Terminals 6,3x0,8 mm
Detergent cup capacity pre-wash: max 8 ml- wash: from 15 to 40 ml
Rinse-aid dispensing Manual: 4 positions to dispense rinse aid are possible
Rinse-aid chamber capacity 120 cc (filling it up to "MAX" indicated in the rinse aid fill chamber)
Indication of the rinse aid level visual/reed (approx 40 ml rinse aid left)
Dimension inner door panel cut out lenght: 194 mm -width: 68 mm - radius: R= 7 mm
Reference standards EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-14