Part number: 101047
Part name: Rotary actuator module
The ROTARY ACTUATOR MODULE integrates two of Eltek's compact, high force thermoactuators to a rack & pinion mechanism which translates the linear motion into gradual and SILENT 2-stage ROTARY MOTION. Continuous power is not required to maintain the 0° and 90° positions; angular rotation is arrested at those points through the use of an internal spring and detent. Electrical connector configuration include: 6.3x0.8mm FASTON terminals, RAST 2.5 connectors or PCB terminal blocks. RAST and PCB configurations can include embedded microswitches which make them ideal for HVAC power-on/power-off thermostats especially those with long-duration position hold times since power is only consumed during the angular movement cycle.
General characteristics:
  • from 110Vac to 240Vac with the same component
  • from 12Vac/dc to 24Vac/dc with the same component
  • up to 90° angular movement with the same overall dimensions
  • dual stable position without electrical supply
  • high force overall the rotation
  • silent movement with no EMI interferences
  • easy mountability
  • high Glass content PA material
  • high Glass content PPS material for high temperature environment
  • faston, RAST or PCB terminal available
Technical data:
Temperature range -10°C (14°F) to 90°C (194°F)
Relative humidity 30% to 95%
Torque Value 17Ncm during the ON phase
Power consumption 2.8 +/-1 W (for 12-24V)
5.8 +/-1 W (for 110V)
5.5 +/-1 W (for 220V)
in steady condition.
(Current peak at start-up depending on the specific p/n)
Rotation Time in ON Phase from 90 to 145 seconds depending on the specific p/n and usage conditions
Useful life Up to 5.000 cycles depending on the specific p/n and usage conditions