Part name: TPMS Pressure Sensor
The sensor continuosly measures the tire inflation pressure and alerts the driver in case of any problems by means of a light switching-on in the vehicle dashboard. Benefits provided by the use of a TPMS sensor are: - avoid the risk of burst due to a low inflation pressure - ensure driver safety reducing the risk of car crashes - prevent slow punctures - optimize fuel consumption and tires life The TPMS sensor ca be supplied with snap-in or clamp-in valves, for PC and LD vehicle applications.
General characteristics:
  • Silicon pressure sensore technology
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Autolocation function
  • RF trasmitter at 434MHz (or 315 MHz)
  • Low power consumption
  • 6 to 8 years battery life
  • Snap-in or clamp-in valve available
  • Patented design adaptable to different size of wheel rim
  • Automotive designed
Technical data:
Accuracy of pressure value ± 1,5% BOL F.S 0°C... 60°C
Continuous operative temperature range -40°C - 105°C
Pressure range 0 bar.........8 bar absolute

Max continuous pressure 14 bar
Burst pressure 20 bar (5sec at 25°C)
Operative voltage (nominal): 3.0 V
Minimum operative voltage 2.4V
RF transmission 435 MHz (or 315 MHz)
Signal modulation OOK (or FSK)
LF reception 125 kHz
Battery type CR2050 Lithium