Part name: Diesel Heater with Electronic Switch
Eltek diesel heaters are designed to keep engines ready for instant cold weather operation. Fuel heaters are also vital for biodiesel applications. Fuel heaters dissolve paraffin wax crystals and ice. Heaters enable water separators to work more efficiently and prevent fuel filter plugging from wax or ice. Eltek diesel heaters with electronic switch can work up to 400 W. Version with microcontroller available; heating ON/OFF decided by means of a dedicated Eltek software and an integrated temperature and (if request) pressure sensor. Dimensions are tailor-made according to customer requirements.
General characteristics:
  • Power from 150 W to 400 W available
  • Temperature Detection
  • Fuel Pressure Detection
  • Electronic switch available on demand
  • Heating ON/OFF by means of Eltek property software(microcontroller) available on demand
  • LIN interface available on demand
  • Housing tailor-made according to customer requirements
  • Electric custom connection
  • Custom NTC curve
  • Warning signal
  • Battery Voltage check
Technical data:
Supply Voltage range 9....16 V
Temperature range -40°C....+90°C
Pressure range 0 bar.........8 bar
Pressure peak 12 bar
Burst pressure 15 bar
Heating Power 350 W ±10% at 12,5 V and 130 l/h
(other power ranges available on demand)
Diesel DIN EN 590; B5 TO B30 (Biodiesel content 5-30%); ASTM D975; FAME DIN EN 14214; NATO FUEL F63