Part name: Lineal Actuator for Selespeed Gearbox
Linear actuator for Robotic Automatic Transmission "Selespeed" application. The electromechanical actuator consists of a solenoid, a mobile part and a customized and integrated connection. The solenoid is 12VDC-powered and activated by the control unit, allowing the operation of the mobile part, which locks and unlocks a kinematic device according to the procedure sequence set by the customer.
General characteristics:
  • Automotive Designed
  • It enables locking and unlocking of a kinematic device
  • 12VDC nominal power
Technical data:
Temperature range -30°C ÷ +120°C
Nominal Ohmic Resistance 2,4 Ohm
Insulation resistance >10Mohm
MIN Operating Voltage 8,5 VDC
MAX Operating Voltage 14 VDC
Nominal Duty-cycle DC
1 sec ON
9,0 sec OFF
Nominal Stroke (mm) 2,7 mm
Response time Ton = <20 [ms]
Toff = <15 [ms]