Contract Manufacturing

Full service Contract Manufacturing for integrated devices

Eltek Spa follows the customer from the idea, through feasibility analysis and project development to industrialisation and production. The long-standing experience in mechatronics applied to automotive and appliance devices leads to functional integration.

Moulding in ISO7 Clean Room and ISO8 Clean Room

Contract Manufacturing for design, mould making, moulding in clean room (ISO Class 7 and Class 8.) of complex parts. The customer is also supported in the selection of the thermoplastic polymer suitable for the specific project in order to obtain the best optimization of the mould design.

Special process in ISO7 Clean Room DNA/ RNA free

Your turnkey product assembled in RNA/DNA free and/or RNase/DNase free environment.


Not only development and production of board in SMT technology, but also complex substrates in thick film technology on: Al2O3 ceramic, AIN, stainless steel, sapphire, FR4, flex circuits. Support for technology development and product design, prototype construction, serial production and qualification procedures.


Comprehensive expertise in electronic miniaturisation for innovative medical devices. Smaller devices enable less invasive procedural techniques and therefore less trauma during surgery, diagnostics and other medical procedures. Innovative tiny active implants enabled a huge advance in challenging health problems such as diabetes management, deep brain stimulation, and chronic pain relief. Design of the process of Microelectronic devices based on: Thick-film technology, Multi-layered and hybrid circuits, Die attach, Ball and wedge bonding, Chip-On-Board, Encapsulation.

Customized Sensors

We design and manufacture pressure transducers, for a wide range of medical applications. Our transducers are designed to achieve high accuracy and minimize long-term drift.