Pressure Sensors

The pressure sensor portfolio includes different types of pressure sensors suitable for a wide range of operating conditions (pressure range from nearly 0 to 1000 bar) with response signal in analogue, digital form, and with or without amplification.

The sensors (intended as “bare sensor” sensitive elements) can be integrated in plastic or metal housing in order to provide the customer with a device ready for installation in different types of equipment that require an accurate and reliable measurement of the pressure of liquids or gases.

In addition to the most traditional technologies (piezoresistive sensors with ceramic or stainless steel membrane and MEMS silicon sensors), miniaturised device-integrated solutions are available for specific medical sensor applications.

Some examples:

  • Piezo resistive pressure sensors in ceramic with ultra-pure material membrane for use in dialysis machines, both on the disposable blood line side and the dialysed fluid side.
  • Piezo resistive ceramic pressure sensors for medical gases.
  • Pressure sensors with piezo-resistive silicon MEMS, mounted on ceramic or PCB support for disposable applications in direct contact with blood or biological fluids.