In 1979 Eltek introduced the Appliance division and has been offering innovative solutions for appliances, heating systems, ventilation systems and water treatment systems ever since.

The solenoid valve was the initial product introduced to the market and was immediately recognized for its superior quality. After years of trials and research and development, many patented products such as flood preventing systems, thermo-actuators, dispensers, door lock systems, hydraulic assemblies for domestic heating systems and other applications were also introduced to the market.

Over the years, hundreds of industry patents have been filed to protect the intellectual properties of the products. Eltek Appliances has received many awards from major European, Asian and American customers for the quality solution products and services offered.

The technologies used have become increasingly sophisticated and advanced. Fluid dynamics analysis, mold design, and molding simulation are continuously tested to ensure precise and cutting edge quality results. Automated processing technology is used for all production lines and products. Eltek is always looking for new solutions to offer innovative products.


Eltek Appliance stands out for their professionalism and reliability to ensure products meet customer requirements. As a result of shared technologies and knowledge with the other production divisions within Eltek, Eltek Appliance has been able to create custom made solutions for the market.

The chance to integrate resources, regardless of the destination sector, is a strength that allows Eltek to draw on and share know-how and skills from different sectors.


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