Dialysis has the function of expelling from the body the waste fluids that the kidneys are no longer able to remove and also the objective of maintaining the balance of the organism by correcting the levels of the different toxic substances in the blood. Without dialysis, all patients with renal failure would die due to the accumulation of toxins in the blood stream.

ELTEK has developed a range of solutions in order to improve the performance and reliability of dialysis machines, guaranteeing the safe administration of treatment to the patient:

  • A range of pressure sensors specific to dialysis equipment, which can be used either in monitoring the circuit of patients undergoing dialysis or in monitoring blood lines without contact with blood, but facing the membrane of the disposable line.
  • A CE-marked medical device (VND100 Sensor System) who aims to improve patient safety by providing a visual and audible alarm in case the needle accidentally comes out of the vein during the dialysis procedure (Venous Needle Dislodgement).


VND100 Sensor System

Monitoring and alarm system in case the needle accidentally comes out of the vein during haemodialysis procedures. Direct detection of the needle dislodgement using a sterile disposable patch coupled with a permanent sensor device, for effective prevention of bleeding!

General features: 

Eltek VND100 Sensor System is a medical device designed to directly detect any accidental blood leaks that may occur during haemodialysis treatment.

Eltek VND100 Sensor System includes three main components:  

  1. Patch: a low cost, sterile disposable patch with hydrophilic gauze to be placed on the venous access;
  2. Sensor: A low-frequency reusable optical sensor, to be inserted into the disposable patch;

In case of bleeding, the blood is absorbed by the hydrophilic gauze which turns red. This colour change is immediately detected by the low frequency optical Sensor that triggers the alarm. The optical sensor is connected with the Module (the dedicated control unit) which triggers visual and acoustic alarms.

The Sensor can also be directly connected with the OEM’s Dialisys Machine (if predisposed) in order to stop the blood pump and interrupt the treatment.