We support our customers from HW and SW design to board development according to IPC standards, from prototype testing to complete boards on SMT lines.

In addition to the widespread use of PCB substrates of different types, well-established experience in Thick Film technology and internal processes allows the use of substrates in innovative materials, from ceramic to glass and metal.

Our technological proposal is:

  • Support or full HW and SW electronic design.
  • Design and development of optimised circuit layouts.
  • Thick Film screen printing on substrates made of innovative materials such as ceramic, FR4, Flex, steel, aluminium nitride, sapphire.
  • Electronic module assemblies on ceramic or other special supports.
  • Multi-layer hybrid circuits with integrated resistors.
  • Laser trimming.
  • Active and passive surface mount technology (SMT), from 0201 to BGA and μBGA.
  • Finishing and encapsulation with conformal coating, epoxy and silicone resins.

Examples of applications:

  • Main board of implantable medical electrical devices.
  • Board for medical electrical machines.
  • Hybrid circuits for control equipment.