Special process in ISO 7 Clean Room DNA/RNA free

ELTEK can supply a “turnkey” product, manufactured with special procedures to prevent contamination of the human genome or by inhibitors thereof, i.e., DNA / RNA / DNase / RNase.

Contamination with DNA and RNA may lead to false positive results especially in human DNA analysis; this is particularly critical in diagnostic areas.

DNase contamination shall be avoided because it can affect DNA analysis; in molecular biology, a RNase-free process is required as RNA is highly sensitive and can be destroyed very quickly by RNase.

The absence of contamination is achieved through the application of rigorous prevention, cleaning and sanitisation procedures, the execution of complex operations in the clean room, and the observance of process procedures developed in collaboration with experts in biological contaminations.

This technology is operative on the following processes:

  • Manufacture of complex integrated devices in which plastic components are integrated with electronic components to realise active analysis systems with integrated fluid systems.
  • Moulding of components and assembly.