Across the globe, emission standards are tightening for vehicle manufacturers, thus accelerating the need for global AdBlue Quality sensor is used in SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system (installed into the tank or in-line) in order to measure the concentration of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), optimizing the performance of SCR system and avoiding tampering or misfilling.

DEF nominal concentration must be 32.5% (ISO 22241-1:2005 standard) in order to have optimum performance of SCR system. Quality sensor is able to measure the fluid concentration and send this information to SCR ECU. According this measure, ECU can optimize the AdBlue injection or stop the vehicle if the fluid inside the tank is not correct (water, oil, gasoline etc) due to tampering or misfilling. New automotive normative on pollution reduction for diesel applications require the installation of Quality sensor in order to have good efficiency of SCR system.

Eltek Ad-Blue Q-Sensor Eltek doesn’t consider the optical ray refracted in fluid, only the reflected ray, therefore it is not sentive to air bubbles or particles present into the fluid.

Main benefits:

  • Only a very thin layer of fluid is needed, concentration detection even at low fluid level.
  • Not affected by particles or air bubbles.
  • No part in motion, calibration in system non needed, easily adapted to any tank geometry.