An intelligent device capable of detecting micro and macro leaks, or excessive consumption of water in appliances. Whenever it detects an anomaly, E-WATERBLOCK prevents potential water damage by blocking the flow of water and ensuring water leak protection to the surrounding area.

E-WATERBLOCK is a smart product and works with Eltek APP via Bluetooth. It is easy to install, does not need electrical connections, tools or require a professional installation. A long-lasting battery guarantees its operation for several years.

It can be used in multiple environments where there is a real risk of flooding due to equipment being connected to a water supply. i.e. water dispensers, coffee machines, irrigation systems, vending machines, ice makers. Some common industries where this system is used are hospitality, offices, co-working space, gyms, spas, airports, railway or bus stations, and gardening centers.

E-WATERBLOCK allows real-time monitoring on a unit as well as the ability to view the water consumption history on the unit.

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