Autonomous vehicles use many cameras and sensors like radars and lidars to safely operate the vehicle, without a human driver. These sensors are the “eyes” of the vehicle’s brain, not just performing a backup sensing function. If the sensors become non-functional, or obscured, the autonomous vehicle will lose visibility of its surroundings, creating a very significant danger. Hydraulic circuits for cleaning the sensors will be needed for liquid or air spraying of each sensor.

As there are more than 20 sensors and cameras in the autonomous cars, the washing fluid has to be driven to various spraying nozzles which have the aim to clean the sensors and cameras external surface. A solenoid bank is used to drive the washing fluids to the nozzles, one at a time or simultaneously.

Eltek ON-OFF valves allow the system to work properly and reliable thanks to the freezing proof feature.
Two versions: 3,5 bar and 5 bar. Air Valve also available, for systems which are using both water and air.