Eltek “Freezing Proof Pressure Sensors” are used to take under control both pressure and temperature without being damaged in case of freezing.

Standard application are:

  • SCR (Ad-Blue) pump pressure control.
  • Water Injection (deionized water) nozzle pressure control (engine mounted).
  • Washing Fluids pump control (for Camera & Sensors Cleaning systems).
  • Fuel Cell Anode and Cathode pressure Water and any water-based fluid.

The sensor has been validated with several fluids like water and Ad-Blue up to 2500 freezing cycles. Hence based on ceramic technology, they are hash media resistant and stable in temperature and pressure, ensuring accurate sensing and stability throughout the whole lifetime.

  • Pressure ranges available: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 bar
  • Gauge pressure
  • Analog & SENT
  • ASIL B