All diesel fuels contain dissolved waxes. At cold temperatures wax crystallizes, leading to fuel gelling and filter plugging, reducing or blocking the fuel flow.

The PTC Ceramic Heaters warm up the fuel before the filter, keeping the paraffin in liquid phase and assuring the cranking and the running of the vehicle at low temperature.

Eltek has a long experience in developing and producing PTC Ceramics Heaters, based on technologies like plastic moulding and Overmoulding, plastic to plastic welding, in-house electronic SMD assembly, helium leakage and end of line tailor made testing.

The production is based on both semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly processes.

Both electromechanics and electronic switch available.

Up to 700 watts.

The heater can also integrate addional features like:

  • Water in Fuel Sensor (to detect presence of water and enable the purging phase).
  • Pressure & Temperature Sensor.
  • Fuel Quality Sensor.
  • Electronic with PWM to tune up the according the real need and redice energy consumption. More than 15 years of experience and more than XXX heaters produced every year.