The sensor is installed in the washing fluid tanks of an automotive cleaning system. Generally used in passenger car application targeting ADAS & AD (Autonomous driving) systems.

The sensor allows the system to continuously measuring the windscreen fluid quantity inside the tank. Hence the ECU can evaluate the autonomy of the camera & sensor cleaning system, warning in advance the driver and preventing any risk due to cameras and/or sensors mis-function. Furthermore, the sensor can also evaluate if the fluid is frozen or not. Several mixtures if washing fluids, also with tap water can have different freezing points; for this reason it is not possible to understand the state of the fluid only using a temperature sensor.

Eltek capacitive technology can guarantee compact dimension, no moving parts and reliable measure in any condition.
Furthermore, Eltek sensor is the only one on the market able to guarantee reliable measurement also in water freezing condition and mixed state (water+ice). This allow for example ‘Refilling on Ice’ measurement and the capability to distinguish what part of the fluid in the tank is frozen (cannot be injected) and what is liquid (can be injected).